Hello and welcome to my sports blog! My name is Ashmere Prasad, graduate of the University of Oregon and I currently reside in the Hyphy Bay Area. I love watching the cooking show, arguing about sports and creating fun content.

My passion for sports started from my mother. She was always hanging around the guys and was so knowledgeable about the game. It was one of the many things I loved about her. From there I focused on learning football terminology and how to write and report on the game.

When I started college I originally wanted to be a marriage and child psychologist. Eventually I realized that I love connecting with people and learning their stories. so I obtained a degree in journalism.

Fast-forward to today, I work with an awesome sports site called Nuts & Bolts Sports where I host a podcast called ‘Moving the Chains with Ashmere,’ discussing football and fantasy football. I also have a full-time job because only hustling pays the bills.

My goal is to host my own podcast one day where I learn about the lives of athletes behind their jerseys, or to work with an individual sports team.

Enjoy my page and leave some love, stay safe everyone.

— Ashmere

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