Top from Week 14

 Kenyan Drake RB for Miami Dolphins completes TD for the win in HardRock Stadium, Miami, Fl. (Photo from @MiamiDolphins Twitter)

December 10, 2018 — The games yesterday were seriously all over the place. I am #blessed to have NFL Red zone this year so I could keep up with all the action in real time. I can’t believe Cam Newton chose to throw the ball on fourth down (with ample time remaining), rather than kick a field goal – Newton’s overthrown pass to Jarius Wright was just 🤦🏽‍♀️ and the Broncos losing to the now 3-10 49ers…. Football is a crazy game as Tom Brady said in his postgame interview ( Let’s recap a few crazy games, including Brady’s.

Dolphins vs Patriots

What an amazing end to a close game, down the the seconds !! The @MiamiDolphins Twitter has some fantastic photos and highlights of the final 52-yard touchdown completed by Keyan Drake.

Ryan Tannehill (265 yards, 3 touchdowns) “threw a 14-yard pass to Kenny Stills, who lateraled to DeVante Parker, who quickly lateraled to Drake along the sideline. He cut toward the middle and found a seam, helped by a block from guard Ted Larsen at the 30.” (Associated Press, Dolphins were behind the Patriots the entire game until early in the third quarter when Tannehill threw a 23-yard TD pass to Brice Butler.

When you compare divisions, it’s pretty apparent the Patriots have the easiest 4 teams to compete against: Dolphins, Bills & Jets (sorry guys). So not many people expected a close game between these two on Sunday morning. But, the Dolphins played hard, (aside from the two blocked punts), Kenny Stills, Brandon Bolden and Brice Butler rushed through the gaps in the Pats defense to assure they ended each play in the end zone. Tannehill resorted more to the run-game against the defense which worked in his favor. Great comeback from the first time Miami faced the Patriots (they lost 7-38).

This game was a huge push the Dolphins can use for the rest of the season. Next week they take on the Vikings in Minnesota, and after their performance against Seattle on Monday night I don’t doubt the Dolphins will dominate. Frank Gore had 92 rushing yards against the Patriots and I can assume he will be the lead rusher on Sunday. (Fantasy tip: PLAY GORE).

Chiefs vs Ravens

I really thought the Ravens were going to pull through and win this one. Their difficult defense was one of the tougher ones Patrick Mahomes and his team have faced all year. Unfortunately, Ravens lost in OT because they failed to get the ball even close to the end zone. My man RG III made a little debut though! His pass was a little overthrown but, what can you do when the energy levels are too high to control. Also, the Chiefs defense was all over every WR and RB within the 22 yards.

Once the Ravens fumbled the ball in the fourth I figured the game was good as over. But some miracle caused K Harrison Butker to miss the field goal and time expired.

Mahomes and TE Travis Kelce are two peas in a pod on the field and it shows. Kelce will always find a way to catch a ball that he knows is coming in his direction, even when Mahomes doesn’t. Mahomes has been doing this no look pass technique which many journalists are writing about simply because it’s working for the team. In case you don’t notice what I’m talking about, I got a little video from the @Chiefs Twitter:

The man is skilled and the chemistry within the Chiefs team right now is unstoppable. They continue to figure out a way to win time and time again, even if it’s simply by a field goal. Mahomes is pretty unpredictable, he’s constantly moving his feet and scanning the field.

You couldn’t ask for a better performance from the Ravens. Picked off Mahomes in the first, a sack and some stellar defense. It all came down to the OT plays and the gaps the defensive line left open for the Chiefs.

Chiefs vs Chargers Thursday night! Another battle of the division, should be an exciting game. Although, most of the highly anticipated games this season have been utterly disappointing (aside from the Chiefs v Rams). But I doubt this match up will be anything but boring.

Ravens compete against the Steelers next Sunday to find out who will be number one in the division. With the Ravens tough defense and the Steelers offense a little empty (Conner) and banged up (Big Ben), this game is going to be a fun one to watch.

Fun Fact: Did you know Big Ben has never won a game in Oakland? I thought that was an insane fact! But it remains true after Derek Carr somehow miraculously pulled off a win again Sunday afternoon.

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