Warriors Final Game in Oracle

Photo by: Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images, via The New York Times

April 8, 2019 — The Warriors revealed their ‘We Believe’ throwback jerseys on Sunday night in Oracle Arena for the last regular season game in Oakland. Last night was an iconic one for basketball fans nationwide, unless you’re still one of those people hating the fact the Dubs have KD…

I’m not gonna lie I got emotional! You know how the world is always questioning if all current Warrior fans were riding with them from day one? I’m like man leave the hating behind. But, just to reassure my fans wassup, here are some facts from back in the day:

Their 34th season in Oakland, the Warriors were coming off a terrible season in ’06, ranking last in the division. The starting five consisted of Baron Davis, Monte Ellis, Stephen Jackson, Al Harrington and Jason Richardson. The Warriors were hot off a 16-5 winning streak towards the end of the season, which led them to an eighth seed spot and an appearance in the playoffs. The Warriors defeated the Dallas Mavericks four-to-two in the first round, which was the towel spinning game of the century. An eighth defeated a one seed. Dirk Nowitzki was coming off an MVP season and the Mavericks were 60-22. Unfortunately, the Dubs lost to the Utah Jazz in the second round one-to-four.

(If you’d continue in the past, check out this article by Brady Klopfer.)

These videos are electric no matter what fan you are, if you think about it every team has a comeback season! Otherwise, why would that even be a phrase?

The Warriors we love (or hate) now are the first seed in the Western Conference and are aiming for a threepeat championship title.

The Dubs took on the Clippers at home one final time and demolished them 131-104. Steph Curry (27 points, five rebounds, four assists), was of course electric throughout the game. The Dubs dominated the game from the start and put the nail in the coffin early in the fourth.

Playoffs are about to be something else for the next few months. Wednesday April 10th the playoff schedule will be announced. I’m hoping my next post will be some live shots from the game myself. Until then, #GoDubs

Photo via @warriors
Photo via @klaythompson


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