Warriors Blow 31 Point Lead

Klay Thompson making a layup Monday night against the Clippers in Oracle Arena. Photo by: Andrew Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

April 16, 2019 — The Warriors lost to the Clippers Monday night by four points after leading by 31.

I was bummed DeMarcus Cousins attempted a steal early in the game and strained his quad. I’m even more upset to hear that he won’t be returning for the season 😦

The lack of effort as the clock winded down was pretty apparent, in the end the Clippers had more adrenaline and drive to get a W in Oakland.

By halftime the lead was 73-50, no sweat.

The score was 86-58, Draymond Green just hit a three and the Clippers bench looked defeated. Steve Kerr pulled Curry out and Lou Williams hit a three. Next play we see another three from Quinn Cook and the win feels like it’s ours. The arena is LOUD.

By the end of the quarter Warriors were only up 12. The Clippers were slowly chipping at the lead and scored 44 points in the third.

As I rewatched the third quarter, it didn’t feel like the Clippers were making much of a difference, but when you check the stats and review the plays, it’s very clear how hard LA worked to catch up.

Patrick Beverley was all over KD as he was in Game 1 and they both fouled out in the fourth. Once KD came back with the starting five, it was difficult to get him involved in any plays. Beverly had him on lock.

“We really lost this game mid third quarter because we stopped playing,” Steve Kerr said in the post-game interview.

It was an 85 point half for the Clippers.

During the first half the Warriors created a lot more plays to get points on the board. They forced the defense to double-team the perimeter, which opened up a spot under the basket for an easy layup. First half was filled with ball movement, there were only three three-point shots made by the Warriors in the first half.

Second half the Warriors were trying to play catch up and it showed; there were more catch and shoot plays with less points on the board. They were basically shooting to keep the lead, but missed shot after shot and ended up turning the ball over. Usually how the Dubs do when they have a huge lead and lose it early in the fourth.

29 points off turn overs second half

Changes for Game 3:

Put Iggy on Williams
Look for Klay in the corner (!!)
Keep the ball moving

Thursday will be exciting as the Warriors head to LA to take the lead in the series.

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