Warriors Win Game 5

Kevon Looney on Mon. night Game five vs Houston Rockets. Photo by: Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

May 10, 2019 — Wednesday nights game was so insane I had to stop watching after Kevin Durant’s injury. If you missed Game 5 of the Rockets vs Warriors, you should be grateful you didn’t lose years off your life.

During the first half of the game the Warriors played their regular Golden State basketball: they had great ball movement, they were rebounding offensively and defensively (especially Kevon Loony) and they created more cuts to the basket for open layups.

Although Steph Curry was struggling in the first half, Durant (22 points, five rebounds) and Klay Thompson (27 points) hustle and constant movement made up for it.

During the second half the Warriors reverted back to their old ways because they had a “comfortable” lead. The Rockets slowly decreased the lead and with 2:11 left in the third they were down by three. KD took it upon himself to get a bucket and shot a turn-around jump shot.

As he ran towards the opposite side of the court, he looked behind his leg and jumped in the air as in somebody kicked him in the calf. ** I’m so sorry to post this again, but incase someone hasn’t been online here you go.

KD left the court and did not return for the fourth quarter. THANKFULLY the MRI came back and reported that he had a mild calf strain.

After he left the game I left the room..call me dramatic but I felt like physically ill from watching the replay. Following KDs departure, Curry and Klay turned the fire up and played fantastically together. Rereading the play-by-play will stress you out, but Draymond and Klay hit back to back three’s and brought the score to 97-89 Warrior lead.

Looney was a factor to the Warriors winning on Wednesday night. His aggressive attitude and constant rebounding will save us tonight in Game six. As we head back to Houston WITHOUT KEVIN the Warriors need to play as a unit, as they did in the first half. They need to take control of the game from the start and maintain a lead throughout the game. They also need to be aware of the infamous step forward three-pointers from James Harden. Maybe bite your tongue and cut all his three’s for a loss?

This is going to be tough, I’m hoping we shut this down tonight but who knows. PJ Tucker and Eric Gordon are hungry to win and it shows. #Scared once again but, #GOWARRIORS

PS this my 50th post! Thanks for supporting and reading my emotional status throughout the months. I appreciate the love 🙂

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