Splash Brothers Rise Up

Steph Curry and Damian Lillard in Game 1 Tuesday night in Oracle Arena. May 14, 2019. Photo by: Noah Graham NBAE via Getty Images

May 15, 2019 — Last night’s game felt like the old Warrior energy and it was a sight to see (except for Blazer fans).

Steph Curry scored 36 points, six rebounds and seven assists. He was taking those crazy shots that forced Steve Kerr to put his hands on his head thinking “not from there!” Yet he made them. Klay Thompson (26 points) also shot some sweet threes from the corner and cashing them in. It was good to see the two back in rhythm and creating plays for three points at the top of the arch.

Just want to mention it was a relief to watch a game where the fouls were pertinent to the play and there were NO FLOPS.

Unfortunately, the Blazers weren’t shooting too well from the distance. CJ McCollum missed five of six of his three-point shots and only had 17 points. Not much to say aside from the fact that the Blazers played great ball, the Warriors were just better.

The Warrior defense was strong and they were up in the air for those rebounds! Rebounds were a strength the Rockets had against us, so it’s nice to see some white in the air.

The score was within reach for the Blazers even late into the fourth when they were down by six, but the energy in Oracle and the consistent play-making done by the Warriors made it hard for Portland to catch up. This dunk really put the nail in the coffin:

“I think we played a terrible game and we still had a chance going into the fourth quarter,” McCollum said, “so we need to tighten some things up and look forward to the game on Thursday.”

Portland has the same offensive drive the Warriors do so, I am expecting a lot more screens and quick release shots on Thursday night. #GoDubs

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