A Tribute to Portland

Blazers vs Nuggets Game 4 May 5, 2019 in Portland, Ore. Photo by: Bruce Elly/Justin Tucker via NBA.com

May 22, 2019 — The Blazers wrapped up their 2019 season with a 53-29 record and a loss against the Warriors in Game four in Portland Monday night.

It’s a different feeling watching the Warriors play and beat a completely new team (whom I actually like), compared to those they’ve played in the past: Thunder, Spurs, ROCKETS – all of which have multiple All-Stars and a past of being in the playoffs.

This was the first time in 19 years the Blazers had appeared in the WCF, and they fought hard against the Dubs.

Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum are a electric back court that build off of one another’s successes time and time again. Lillard has been a rising All-Star for years; his competitive attitude, 25.8 ppg average and strong leadership make him such a likeable athlete. He’s got the right amount of sass and confidence, which I love.

McCollum is Lillard’s right hand man. He came in clutch when the Blazers needed a W in Denver and takes some of the weight off of Lillard’s shoulders when he’s having a rough shooting night. McCollum has proven that the mid-range game isn’t dead.

Let’s not forget Seth Curry’s amazing time off the bench. His battle against his brother will be a matchup to remember. Especially when his four steals were off of Steph’s possessions and he jinxed his free throw shots.

Trail Blazers face the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals on May 18, 2019. Bruce Ely / Trail Blazers

The whole team has their own passion that can’t be copied. Enes Kantar practiced his fasting routine through the regular season to prepare for playoffs; that takes a lot of commitment. They thrive in stressful situations and utilize their strong offensive fire power to get them back in the lead. The Blazers finished with a tremendous amount of growth from this season and their post-season experiences.

Congrats to the Portland Trailblazers, I am sure next year they will be another strong competitor. But, let’s not forget:

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