Steph Curry Scores 47, but Warriors Come Up Short Against Raptors

Steph Curry, the leading scorer for the Warriors in Oracle Arena on Wed. June 5, 2019. Photo by: Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images.

June 6, 2019 — The Raptors flew to Oakland Arena Wednesday night and dominated the Warriors offensively beating them 109-123.

Game two was a lightning performance from the Dubs. Their third quarter mentality shined hard on Sunday night, and they maintained a 10 point lead throughout. It had gotten to the point where the Raptors defense couldn’t hold up the impeccable shooting from the Warriors.

Steph Curry had a fantastic performance last night: 47 points, eight rebounds, seven assists, but the rest of the team couldn’t get in rhythm with him as they usually do. Klay Thompson did not play due to his hamstring, KD is still out with his calf injury and Looney has a reported fractured collarbone. Unfortunately, after the multiple injuries it was difficult for the Warriors to find a replacement for Thompson on the wing. Without these guys the Warriors are running thin, and it showed. Not to mention the multiple turn-overs. So many passes that were intended to someone who was not in position 🤦🏻‍♀️.

The Raptors shot and made 17 three-pointers last night, six of them were from Danny Green. Every chance the Warriors shaved a little off their lead, Green would slide into the corner without any defenders and toss up a swish. Nothin’ but net.

Kawahi Leonard had a silent but effective 30 points and Kyle Lowry (23 points, nine assists, four rebounds), he is his own hustler when he’s in the zone. His passing was key, if he felt someone else had a better look he made sure they got the ball in their hands and points on the board. He took his own good looks as well, but the way he had the ball flowing on the court truly kept the Raptors ahead of the Warriors defense.

The Raptors offense outplayed the Warriors, there’s no denying that, but there was a lack of proper refereeing during this game; missed charge calls, goal-tending and continuous fouls were ignored. Same type of missed-calls occurred in Game two and the Warriors lost two players because of it. It’s the NBA Finals, if a call feels questionable the refs should review it a few times afterwards — the power of replay.

It’s almost 100% certain Thompson will return to Game four, which is essential. His defense makes it difficult for key shooters to get around him and he keeps pressure on Leonard, Lowry, making it difficult for them to put a shot up. Rumor has it Looney may return as well and he’s just one of the best assets the team has had in the post-season. He’s aggressive in the paint and almost ALWAYS goes up for a rebound.

The Warriors have a ton of changes they need to make in order to defeat the Raptors and tie the series at two. Stronger defense, better transitions on offense and REBOUNDS, can’t stress that enough.

Also, isn’t it strange that there’s only been one rest day between Game three and four, but there were three-ish days rest in between the first two games?

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