2019 NFL Opener Resembles 2019 SB

Bears vs Packers in Soldier Field September 5, 2019. Photo via: Stacy Revere/ Getty Images

September 5, 2019 — Looks like defense strikes again in the NFL and both quarterbacks were unable to run the ball, pass the ball and score more than ten points for the NFL season opener.

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers traveled to Chicago for the Thursday night opener with a weak offense to start; Rodgers started the game off with -12 yards. The Bears had the best defense in 2018 in the NFC North and they reminded the crowd of that standing when Rodgers attempted to host any sort of run play.

As the second quarter commenced, Rodgers snapped out of his first game haze and threw a nice short pass to Davante Adams for a first down. First and goal A Rod threw a classic Rodgers pass, meaning it looked risky, to his TE Jimmy Graham in the end zone for a touchdown.

The Packers beat the Bears by a high score of 10-3, thanks to the newfound Packer defense. Mitchell Trubisky was stumped. The pressure was high for both teams, whose QB’s were sacked five times each. Packers have a strong defense themselves and as Rodgers repeated in his post-game interview “Mike Pettine and his staff did a great job…we got a defense.”

Although he had 228 passing yards, it was rough for Trubisky to get inside the end zone. Not the most exciting way to open the season (as the Rams v Patriots matchup was not the more exciting way to end the season), but Sunday will be here soon enough. There are a lot of things both teams need to work on, and it’s one word — offense. Rodgers looked rusty and unsure by some of Matt LaFleur’s playcalling, and Trubisky was just rough on third down conversions.

Packers take on the Vikings on Sunday and the Bears take on the Broncos following their Monday night game in Oakland (which I’m hoping goes well).

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