Super Blowout

Patriots’ Jason McCourty (30)  and LA Josh Reynolds (83) during the first half of SBLIII. Photo via Frank Franklin II, AP Images,

February 7, 2019 — I actually took a nap during the third quarter of the Super Bowl…

Super Bowl LIII was one of the best defensive performances in a Super Bowl to date. Sadly for us fans, that meant the least exciting four hours of our Sunday. I wasn’t just unhappy with the game, it was the entire showing of the Super Bowl from start to finish; the commercials were mediocre and the halftime show was decent, in my opinion. The ratings for this SB were recorded lowest in history, not to mention the entire state of New Orleans refused to watch the game 😝.

The tempo didn’t really “pick up” (considering this was the only touchdown of the game), until there was about seven minutes remaining in the fourth quarter. Tom Brady completed a deep 29-yard-pass to Rob Gronkowski, which led Sony Michel to rush into the end zone for a touchdown.

The confusing part to me was how the Rams refused to switch up their play calling as the game continued. Run the ball, second and eight, short pass, punt. Repeat, run the ball, second and six, run the ball, hold, hold, punt. The Rams punted the ball six times by half time. For the second-highest scoring offense in the league that was pretty surreal. The Rams averaged 39.2 points per game this season.

When Brady threw an interception on the first possession I believed Jared Goff was going to drive down the field and score seven, simply to prove he was there to win. It felt as if I blinked and the Rams were already punting; three plays, two yards and a 51 second possession?

Sure, first half jitters, understandable. But once the team reviewed the possession times and play calling, shouldn’t McVay and Goff create a new game plan for the second half? Rather than adjust, they continued to punt the ball time and time again, but at some point managed to make it to the Patriots 53 yard line and score a field goal.

Let’s actually recap to the NFC Playoff game, with the famous PI the referees missed at the end of the fourth. The Saints dominated the first half of the game, until Goff threw a nice short pass to TE Tyler Higbee, bringing the score 17-20. Once the Saints drove down the field and were declined a flag for the controversial tackle by Robey-Coleman on WR TommyLee Lewis, the two went to OT and lost by a field goal. Brees threw an interception during his possession which could’ve helped them win, but truly they should’ve won during regular time. Some things can never change.

I mention this game because although Goff was not performing 100% early on, yet he found a way to come back, drive down the field and beat the Saints in overtime. Goff didn’t show that determination in this game, the last of the season.

You can only celebrate for Brady’s performance, as well as the offensive and defensive performances. One deep ball to his main man Gronk, led to seven points and a nail in the coffin to end this miserable performance. The defense held the top offense of 2018 to three points, including an unforgivable performance.

Following the trophy ceremony, Julian Edelman won MVP, and I’ve gotta hand it to him, he’s had a tremendous season. 850 yards on 108 targets and six touchdowns, Brady’s right hand man.

Goodbye to football season, I’m sorry it had to end with Boston fans happy and the rest of us disappointed. Maybe next year Mahomes will step out of his first year fears and finally beat Tom Brady in his (possibly) final season.


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