NBA Free Agency

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July 12, 2019 — NBA Free Agency has gone insane. Teams we once knew of have changed dramatically and that has switched up the rankings we can predict for 2020.

We heard Russell Westbrook requested a trade and BOOM CP3 is sent away as the lone star to…OKC? Kawahi won a ring in Toronto, but decided to move to the…Clippers? And finally, my heartbreak, KD chose to leave the Bay for the Big Apple with his two amigos, DeAndre and Kyrie.

Which duo do you believe is going to run the league? My confession is, I believe Paul George and Kawahi will dominate the West. Coming off a finals win high with PG under the basket, looks dangerous.

Let’s compare the duos:

The West is stacked. When you review the stats from 2019, James and AD look most favorable. Although they don’t hit a large number of three-point shots, their rebounds, points in the paint and aggressive attitudes make up for it. Yet, I still predict PG and Leonard to soar throughout the season, why? Patrick Beverly, Lou Williams, Montrezl Harrell, their bench. The Clippers have a strong core and these two added will simply take them to the top.

West Rankings:
Pelicans (Kings?)

In the East, the top contenders are now mainly the Bucks and the 76ers. From there the other teams are all debatable in ranking. The East has always had a ton of toss up teams throughout the season. Maybe after 20ish games I can provide a better ranking setup.

East Rankings:

One of the positives from all these new duos will be watching the chemistry develop throughout the season. As often as people say they can’t stand the Warriors, the way they play together on the court is fun to watch. Such as, the Pelicans with Zion and the old Laker squad? It’ll be fun to see how they unfold. The NBA is remade and we have no idea what to expect from these top contenders.

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