2020 NFL Draft Preview

April 21, has 2020 – The draft is only TWO days away! After over a month of no current sports (aside from the WNBA draft which I will go over another day), there is a little light at the end of this quarantined tunnel.

On Thursday, April 23 and Friday 24th, college players from across the nation will be virtually drafted to an NFL team. Did I mention this is the first VIRTUAL draft session ever? Thank goodness for technology… am I right?

Due to COVID-19, large gatherings are banned until further notice so we can help flatten the curve; don’t forget to #stayhome.

In case you were unaware of the draft order, here you are:

Let’s talk about team needs:


You know I had to start it here. Many analysts claim the Raiders weren’t too awful last year, but I would say it wasn’t their best year either. Derek Carr was fairly inconsistent which hurt the offense. The Raiders signed Marcus Mariota (Go Ducks) this year during free agency and I feel like he will be a great fit. The days we feel Carr is a little off, we can sub Mariota in and he will get dimes downfield. Now, the Raiders need strong wide receivers for that to happen. I have no doubt in the first-round Gruden will select either Jerry Jeudy (Alabama) or Ceedee Lamb (Oklahoma.) Thankfully, this 2020 draft class is stacked fairly deep with receivers, so anyone within the first two rounds will be a great addition. Raiders also need a cornerback, on the defensive side and a fast one. Raiders were continuously beat time and time again on those deep passes along that sidelines, or even centerfield so a strong CB will be a great addition.


The Super Bowl contenders were strong throughout the season, feeding off the energy of their fans and a healthy Jimmy Garoppolo. The defense was highly praised time and time again thanks to their new addition, Nick Bosa who aggressively attacked the QBs. But, as we all know the Kansas City Chiefs came out on top. I guess the Bay Area should be thankful because if there was a parade out here SHOOT COVID numbers would be way higher. The 49ers are in strong need of a cornerback and wide receiver for similar reasons to the Raiders: they need someone for Garoppolo to throw to. Since Emmanuel Sanders is now with the Saints (lucky them,) Jimmy needs another option.

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